If you ask what our specialty is, we might say its plov or shurpa. Or we may say its the manti or the dum gaza. In truth every dish we prepare is trully special and unlike anything else you may have tasted before. You may have tried dishes that are similar from indian or other middle easern cultures, but the Uzbeky style is quite different and unique.

So come down and experience every dish for yourself to truly figure out what our specialty really is! 

Cold Appetizers

Beef tongue with horseradish 7.45 $

Pickled herring with potatoes 7.45 $

Assorted fresh vegetables 5.95 $

Sliced feta cheese with tomatoes 6.45 $

Assorted pickled vegetables 6.45 $


Cabbage salad 5.45 $
Thinly sliced cabbage, cucumbers, greens and special spices dressed with olive oil

Eggplant salad 5.45 $
Sliced eggplants with sliced tomatoes layered with special sauce and baked in oven

Salad “Silk Road” 6.95 $
Mix of sliced beef, lettuce, green onions and fried eggs with adding some special spices and dressed with white sauce

Salad “Achik chuchuk” 6.45 $
Thinly sliced tomatoes with onions, dressed with spicy seasoning

Carrot salad “Morkovcha” 5.45 $
Thinly shredded carrots with special spices and olive oil

Salad “Registan” 6.95 $
Shredded daikon radish, beef and mayonnaise, with spices and topped with pan fried onions

Salad “Olivier” 6.95 $
Diced boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs, dill pickles and meat dressed with mayonnaise

Salad “Tashkent” 6.45 $
Sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and radish, dressed with olive oil and topped with layer of feta cheese

Fresh salad with suzma 5.45 $
Sliced cucumbers and radish dressed with sour yogurt

Salad “Smak” 6.45 $
Diced tomatoes, croutons and cheese dressed with mayonnaise

Salad “Nejnost” 6.95 $


Shurpa 5.95 $
Traditional Uzbek soup made of lamb, vegetables and cheek peas

Lagman 6.95 $
Traditional soup of Central Asian cultures, made with handmade noodles, meat and different vegetables with addition of specific spices, which give distinctive taste

Mastava 5.95 $
Authentic Uzbek soup made of meat, vegetables and rice

Chuchvara in broth 5.45 $
Small dumplings in broth

Mushroom soup 5.45 $
Mushrooms with vegetables soup

Vegetables soup 5.45 $
Light vegetables soup with rice

Okroshka (cold soup, seasonal) 4.95 $
Soup with sour yogurt and vegetables

Narin in broth 6.95 $
Rich broth of beef with thinly sliced homemade noodles

Borscht 5.45 $
Cabbage and beet soup with meat


Non 2.25 $
Uzbek style round bread

French fries 3.95 $

White rice 3.45 $

Steamed vegetables 3.95 $

Home-style fried potatoes with mushrooms 6.95 $

Mashed potatoes 3.95 $

Shish kebabs

Lamb kebab 3.95 $

Lamb rib kebab 3.95 $
Beef kebab 3.95 $

Lulya kebab (ground beef) 3.75 $

Chicken kebab 3.45 $

Veal liver kebab 3.45 $

Grilled lamb chops (3 pcs) 12.95 $
Served with side order

Grilled chicken wings 3.75 $

Salmon kebab 7.95 $

Delicatessen kebab 3.95 $

Veggie kebab 3.95 $

Shrimp kebab 5.95 $

Fish dishes

Tilapia 7.95 $
Grilled or fried fillet of tilapia, served with any side dish

Trout 11.95 $
Grilled or fried served with any side dish

Salmon 11.95 $
Grilled or fried fillet of salmon, served with any side dish

Main Entrees

Plov 7.45 $
King of all Uzbek dishes, prepared in every special occasion, which has variety of ways of preparation with main ingredients of meat, rice, carrots and variety of spices.

Meat Samsa 2.25 $
Meat, onions and delightful spices stuffed in pastry and baked in oven.

Kutabi(with meat or greens on your choice) 2.25 $
Thinly kneaded dough stuffed with meat or fresh herbs on your choice

Manti (stuffed either with meat, pumpkin or potatoes) 6.45 $
Steamed dumplings served with sour yogurt, 4pcs per order

Crispy manti (stuffed either with meat, pumpkin or potatoes) 6.45 $
Pan fried manti, after steam cooking, 4pcs per order
Khonim 6.45 $
Steamed with pasta roll meat, potatoes and onions, toped with tomatoes sauce
Chuchvara 6.45 $
Small boiled dumplings
Crispy chuchvara 6.45 $
Pan fried small dumplings

Narin 7.45 $
Thinly hand-sliced jerked meat and dough, served with minced onions and black pepper
Dum gaza 12.95 $
Slowly braised ox-tail served side of home-style boiled and pan fried potatoes

Chicken tabaka 9.95 $
Marinated with special spices and pan fried Cornish hen served with tomato sauce

Turkish style liver 8.95 $
Pan-fried diced veal leaver served with minced onions and tomato sauce


Fruit assortment 7.95 $
On availability, served with melons, watermelons, pineapples and strawberries

Jam (quince, cherry or apricot) 7.95 $
Served with snacks and pot of tea

Baklava 3.95 $

Ice cream 3.95 $


Soft drinks 1.95 $
Coke, sprite, diet coke, ginger ale (in cans)
Homemade fruit drink 6.45 $
Ayran 2.25 $
Sour yogurt drink, regular and mint varieties available

Club soda

Juice 2.25 $
12 oz cans, varieties available

Tea (green or black) 1.95 $
Can be served with lemon and sugar cubes (with lemon 2.95$)

Turkish coffee 3.45 $

Lunch Specials

Served from 11:30 am till 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday

Kebab special 7.99 $
Choice of any one shish kebab of lamb, lamb rib, beef, chicken, chicken wings,lulya,veal liver or veggie, with any side dish and fresh salad, can of soda and piece of bread.


Manti special 7.99 $
Choice of any manti (meat, pumpkin or potatoe; steamed or crispy), small fresh salad, piece of bread and can of soda.
Kutabi special 5.99 $
Any two kutabis with fresh salad and can of soda.
Samsa special 5.99 $
Two samsas with fresh salad and can of soda
Soup special 6.99 $
Choice of any soup, with fresh salad, piece of bread and can of soda
Plov special 7.99 $
Served with fresh salad, piece of bread and can of soda